My Tools & Materials

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These are all products I use daily and have purchased/continue to buy when I run out.  

Watercolor Palette: Winsor Newton 

*Less Expensive Option*


Etch 24 Watercolor Palette

*More Expensive Option*


Princeton Neptune Round Size 8 

This is my "go-to" everyday brush

Princeton Neptune Round Size 2

I only use this for small detail (some days it doesn't get used at all)

Grumbacher 3/4" Flat (Wash Brush)

A great size for doing washes - a must have


Watercolor Sketchbook  (Great option for practicing)  

*Less Expensive Option*

Watercolor Paper: Arches

*More Expensive Option*

(The best of the best, I only use this if I'm going to sell the artwork)


Sharpie Fine Tip 

This is waterproof so I know I can use watercolor on top of it

Fudenosuke Brush Pen

Kaweco Sketch Pencil

Painter's Tape 1/2"

Heat Gun 


The BEST Paper Towels Ever 

I can use these for a few days, it's like using a rag 



 Books I have on my shelf and reference often 

Landscape Painter's Workbook 

Landscape Painting

 Complete Guide to Watercolor