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2 Tips for Finding Your Art Style Faster

  I wanted to talk about a very juicy topic in the art world, how to find your art style. I was recently asked this question and did a whole YouTube video on it here.  Looking back on what I did to find my style, I realized there were TWO parts to my process.  Step 1. Pick 3-5 Artist to Study  Beginning artists will tell me how much they love another artist's work, but then I start to ask them what they love about it, and they don't know. You need to analyze why you love your favorite artist's work so you can incorporate it into your own. I also stress using 3-5 artists because if you only use 1-2 artists,...

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Top 5 Painting Books for the Landscape

  Recently I've been getting asked what my favorite art books are. Anyone else loves books and always searching Amazon for their next buy?! (Hopefully, it's not just me!) Let's get into my favorite books for painting, drawing, and understanding the landscape.  Here are my top 5 Books for the Landscape   1.) Landscape Painting: Essential Concepts and Techniques for Plein Air and Studio Practice by Mitchell Albala If I were to only buy one book on painting the landscape, this one would be it! Although the author uses oils (I use acrylics), the fundamentals of how to paint a landscape stay the same across all mediums. One of my favorite quotes from the author is "any good landscape painting I've ever...

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My Creative Process, from Inspiration, to Sketch, to a Final Painting

Over the last two years, I've finally figured out a system I like to use when creating a new painting. Having a process for making art will help you start on the days you may not be feeling the creative vibe (which can be a lot!).  Step 1. Finding Inspiration I will go through my Inspiration folder on my desktop where I save all of my landscape photos I've taken when I'm hiking or traveling. I try to keep A LOT of pictures in here so something will always jump out and catch my eye. Once I find an image I like, I will crop and adjust the photo's composition using the Rule of Thirds. I talk about composition in...

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#1 Drawing Tip for Beginners

Learning to draw is really about learning to see in a completely different way than we usually do. Let's go through how an artist would see and draw a Bison from start to finish in 10 steps! 

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