#1 Drawing Tip for Beginners

#1 Drawing Tip for Beginners

I've heard the saying "I can't draw" over a thousand times! BUT what people should be saying is "I don't see like an artist." Learning to draw is really about learning to see in a completely different way than we usually do.

Let's go through how an artist would see and draw a Bison from start to finish in 10 steps! 

Step 1) Have a REFERENCE Photo! After you've drawn something over 30 plus times than you can probably get by without a reference but UNTIL then, have a reference photo. 

Step 2) The first thing an artist does is look for the simplest shapes. In this case, it is circles and rectangles. If you can draw on top of your reference photo or pull it into procreate or photoshop, it will help you see the shapes even more. 

Step 3) Continue drawing in your shapes or visualizing where they are.

Step 4) Begin with those exact shapes.

Step 5) Now you can start drawing the outside lines (also known as contour lines).

Step 6) Finish the outline of the body. 

Step 7) Notice how light my beginning steps where? Now I can use darker lines to go around my form because I know the placement and proportions are correct. 

Step 8) Continue darkening the outside lines

Step 9) Start adding the details (beginning artist love to add details at the beginning stages when they should be focusing ONLY on the shapes because if you don't have the correct proportions all the details in the world won't make your bison look good).

Step 10) The last step is to go in and add your different values, I will talk about values and shading in another post. This was all about starting with your shapes!

Final thoughts and words of advice: I actually didn't draw this way for most of my life, even through college art classes. I only started using shapes to draw out everything in the last three years, and it has made ALL the difference in my art and progress. 

Take photos and post your bison! 

What should we draw next week? Comment below! 

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Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?




I stumbled upon your work on iG and found your website. Your drawing of bison demo was so simplistic and very helpful. Will sign up for your landscape class.


This was very helpful and easy to understand. Thanks for the reference photos! I would love to see more about how you got your bison from step #9 to #10.


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