How to: Make a DIY Paint Palette for Acrylics

How to: Make a DIY Paint Palette for Acrylics

I also made a quick How to Make a Cheap DIY Paint Palette YouTube video you can find here.

This past year I went from painting with watercolor and oils to mostly using acrylic paint. Acrylic paint was new to me because of how quickly the paints dry out. I started to do a little research and found out the key to keeping your acrylics wet! I also discovered a cheap, effective way to make a DIY acrylic palette!

Step one: Grab a clipboard - I used to use the standard brown clipboard made out of cheap wood, but after a few months it did start to warp. I now use a plastic clipboard (we'll see how long the plastic lasts)

Step two: Take two paper towels, fold them in half, keeping them together, and run them under water. Squeeze the water out, so they are not dripping. Do this step twice, so you have enough to cover your clipboard. 

Step three: Take wax paper and rip off two pieces the length of your clipboard. Place one of the pieces on your clipboard.

Step four: Assembly time! Place your paper towels on top of the first sheet of wax paper. Finally, lay your second sheet of wax paper on top of the paper towels. 

Step five: Paint! 

Step six: Here is the best part of the whole DIY palette, when you are done painting all you have to do is unclip the wax paper and throw it away! Easy clean up means more time painting and less time cleaning!

Let me know if you have any questions below!


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