Mallery Jane

  • 2 Tips for Finding Your Art Style Faster

      I wanted to talk about a very juicy topic in the art world, how to find your art style. I was recently asked this question and did a whole YouTu...
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    Learn why Color Theory and Complementary Colors are so important to creating Contrast, Intensity and Shadows in your painting.
  • #1 Drawing Tip for Beginners

    Learning to draw is really about learning to see in a completely different way than we usually do. Let's go through how an artist would see and draw a Bison from start to finish in 10 steps! 
  • Sketching While You Travel

    Sketching while you travel can be difficult and is usually not always convenient. Some of the biggest reasons not to draw while on a trip is often:

    -How much time you have at the location

    -Weather (have the correct sketchbook)

    -Finding a secluded spot

    I want to share how I tackled all three of these while traveling to Banff this past June!

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    Learn how to make a DIY Paint Palette for acrylics that help keep your paints moist so they won't dry out as fast!